<br /> Lee Letter: n47

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee

My dear Lee:

Altho I have given you my thanks in the general orders of this
day, for the late instance of your gallant behaviour I cannot resist
the Inclination I feel to repeat them again in this manner. I needed no
fresh proof of your merit, to bear you in remembrance, I waited only
for the proper time and season to shew it: these I hope are not far
off. I shall also think of and will reward the merit of Lindsay when an
opening presents as far as I can consistently, and shall not forget the
corporal whom you have recommended to my Notice.

Offer my sincere thanks to the whole of your gallant party and assure
them that no one felt pleasure more sensibly, or rejoiced more
sincerely for yours and their escape than Your Affectionate.


1 Sparks prints this letter under date of January 21.