<br /> Lee Letter: n72

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee, Henry Laurens,and Thomas Burke1


I have the honor to transmit to your care an Open Letter for
Brigr. General Scott, by which you will perceive that I have directed
the Levies in Virginia to be formed into three Batalions, and to be
officered and marched under his command to reinforce the Southern Army,
as soon as circumstances will possibly permit. I give you this trouble;
lest these directions should interfere with any arrangements you may
have made, and that they may be added to or altered if you should think
it expedient in any point. The sooner the Letter can reach General
Scott the better. He will be it is probable, either at Alexandria or
Fredericksburg; but the Express who carries it, should be directed to
proceed with it, till he finds him. I beg leave to mention the subject
of Arms again and persuade myself the Committee will cause every proper
measure to be pursued for supplying these Levies with all possible
expedition. Such of the Officers as are mentioned in the list contained
in Genl. Scotts Letter, who are in Camp, will proceed to Virginia
without delay. I make no doubt the Committee have given orders
respecting Blands and Baylor’s Regiments, if they choose that they
should go.

I have the Honor, etc.2


1 The committee on southern affairs.

2 The draft is in the writing of Robert Hanson Harrison.