<br /> Lee Letter: n78

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

I have been desired by His Excellency to request that you will
use your best endeavours to obtain satisfactory accounts from time to
time of the situation, movements and designs of the Enemy; and in a
particular manner, to ascertain what Corps they have at Stoney point,
and their strength, the number of Cannon and Mortars the Size, and What
Ships, and the sort are laying near it, and transmit him the result.
The General supposes you may avail yourself of some of the half Tory
Women and through their Means, procure information that will be
tolerably accurate. If you should apprehend that a little hard money
will be of service, and promote your enquiries, he will be able to
furnish you with a small matter. We have not yet received any official
account of the Charles Town affair.

I am,


1 This letter is in the writing of and is signed “R. H. Harrison.”