<br /> Lee Letter: n81

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee


Yr. favor dated the 27th. inst was handed to day by Capt McLane,
inclosing your proposals for the incorporation of his company with your
Corps. The measure is desirable, and I should be happy were it in my
power at once to authorise you to proceed on the business, but not
being vested with sufficient powers to [change the establishment of a
Corps] the plan must be referred to Congress. In doing this no time
shall be lost and I sincerely wish it may meet their approbation. When
I ordered Captain McLane to join you I had not an idea of the present
plan, and only meant to afford you his aid with the few men of his
company; sensible of the advantage to be derived from Horse and foot
acting together.

Should the corps be established as you wish you cannot entertain a thought
of making new Officers (the reasons are obvious) but must furnish them
from your own Corps, or from the supernumerary officers of the line now
unimployed; they are numerous and no doubt many fit ones may be found.

The dismounting Dragoons inlisted for that particular service is a delicate
matter and I hope you have considered it well before hand and that you
do not think of taking any, but such, whose inclinations may lead them
to prefer the foot service.

I am, etc.1


1 The draft is in the writing of Richard Kidder Meade.