<br /> Lee Letter: n88

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee

Dr. Sr:

Your favor by Captain Rudulph1 I received
yesterday. He has my directions respecting Cloathing for your Officers.

As you think the two Serjts. named in your list,2
Officers worthy of promotion I approve the appointments, the remove of
your Qr Mr into McLane’s company I also consent to; but, the
appointment of an extra capt. in the Corps and 3 subs under McLane I
cannot conceive necessary, the former you observe is allowed by
Congress. It may be the case but I do not remember to have seen such a
resolve. Such men of Capt McLane’s Compy as have deserted for the
reasons you mention and may with safety be brought back to it, I shall
grant pardons to, and wish the Captain to take immediate steps to
recover them.

You express a wish that the Corps should be considered as a part of the
quota of some particular state. It is a desirable circumstance but the
effecting it does not rest with me.

I have granted a Warrant for the 1000 Dolls. promised the Negro pilots, and
included the 230 expended by you for secret services.

I am, &c.

P.S. I am exceedingly anxious to know with certainty whether an embarkation
has taken place or not.3


1 Lieut. Michael Rudolph, of Lee’s Dragoons. He was made brevet captain in
September, 1779, by vote of Congress; captain in November, 1791;
served to close of the war.

2 Lee’s letter is not now found in the Washington Papers.
There were, however, two sergeants of the Ninth Pennsylvania
Regiment wounded in the attack on Stony Point – Henry Crone, or
Krone, and – Dunlap, or Donlop, These may be the ones Lee mentioned.
Dunlap was the fifth man to enter the British works.

3 The draft is in the writing of Richard Kidder Meade.