<br /> Lee Letter: n94

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee


I have received your report of the attack of Powles Hook transmitted
by Captain Rudolph, which I have forwarded to Congress by Lieutenant
McCallester. I shall be sorry if this should be contrary to your wish
or Captain Rudolph’s expectation, as I have the best opinion of this
Gentlemans merit. My motives for sending Mr. McCallester with the
dispatches were that he commanded one of the forlorn hopes and got
possession of the standard. As custom required the sending this to
Congress, I thought the bearer of it ought to be the Person who had the
good fortune to gain possession of it, especially as you had forwarded
it by him to me; nor would it have been warranted by precedent to have
sent one with the dispatches and another with the standard. You will
find my sense of your conduct and of that of the officers and men under
your command, expressed in the General order of yesterday and in my
letter to Congress. I congratulate you on your success. You will send a
small escort of dragoons with Lt. McCallester.

I am, etc.

P.S. You will be pleased to order Capt. Handy with the detachment under his
command to join his Brigade as soon as the Soldiery have recd. their


1 The draft is in the writing of Alexander Hamilton.