<br /> Lee Letter: n101

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

Your favor of the 3d. inst. came to hand yesterday.

I shall comply with your present engagements to the spies, which you have
promised to pay in specie; but as we have so little of this to spare
for even the most pressing and important purposes within the enemy’s
lines, you will be careful to effect as much as possible with such
other means as we have in our power; and as Ĺ“conomical in all other
expeditions as our circumstances are limited.

It is an object at present particularly interesting to be well informed as
to the enemy’s naval force. You will therefore be attentive to this as
well as to such other intelligence as may be of use.

I have given a warrant to Capn. Rudulph for the sum granted by Congress to
the non-commissioned officers and privates concerned in the attack of
Powles Hook.1 You will be pleased to
distribute this money in proportion to the pay of the non-commissioned
officers and privates, which was the manner observed in the case of

I am, etc.

P.S. You may in future or while on your present command mark your letters

I presume that you constantly keep an intelligent officer to observe the
arrival or sailing of the enemy’s vessels. I wish to have his diary
transmitted from time to time, say once a week, and more especially
when any move extraordinary occurs in this


1 “To Capt John Rudulph [Rudolph], for Majr. Lee to be distributed among the
Officers and soldiers under his commd. at the Attack of Paulus Hook
by Resolve of Congress 27 Sept. 15000 [Dollrs].” – Oct. 6, 1779,
“Warrant Book,” in the Washington Papers.

2 The draft is in the writing of James McHenry.