<br /> Lee Letter: n107

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

I have been favd. with yours of the 30th. November and 16th.
Inst. The practice of trading under the cover of procuring intelligence
has grown to such a height that there is an absolute necessity of
putting a stop to it. To avoid giving any umbrage to the Government of
the State, I would have you confine your observations to the sailing of
the fleets from New York, and whenever any capital movement takes place
communicate it immediately to the president of Congress as well as to
me. Desire those who keep a look out to endeavour to distinguish the
number and size of Ships of War, whenever a fleet sails.

If you can find convenient and safe Winter Quarters in the County of
Monmouth, I shall prefer it to your drawing off towards Burlington as
the forage in that Quarter will be wanted at Trenton, from whence we
shall draw our supplies of provision that come from the southward. If
the Country where you are will afford Forage for more than your own
Corps, I can reinforce you with some detached troops of Horse.

Should the opportunity which you have long waited for present itself, I
intirely confide in your prudence in the execution of the business.

am etc.

P.S. Be pleased to take the first opportunity of returning the dispatches
for Count D’Estaing.1


1 The draft is in the writing of Tench Tilghman.