<br /> Lee Letter: n116

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee


About the latter end of December last I had the honor to receive a
letter from His Excellency Governor Johnson dated the 27th. of October,
in which he proposes an arrangement for the three companies of
Artillery belonging to the state of Maryland, and asks my opinion upon
it. As General Knox who is at the head of the Artillery, is
consequently best acquainted with its interior circumstances and can
best judge of the operation of any changes which might take place, I
communicated the letter to him to know his sentiments. His answer you
will find in the inclosed extract. I beg leave to add that my ideas
correspond with his; and that the mode he recommends appears to me well
calculated to do justice to the state, to the officers of the three
companies and to promote the general good of the service. It is
essential to have the corps that compose the army upon one formation,
and regulated by general principles. The contrary is productive of
innumerable inconveniences. This makes me wish the idea of erecting the
four companies into a separate corps under the command of a Major, may
be relinquished. If this is agreeable to the views of the state I shall
be happy its intentions may be signified as speedily as possible to
Congress, that the incorporation and arrangement may be carried into

I have the honor, etc.1


1 The draft is in the writing of Alexander Hamilton.