<br /> Lee Letter: n119

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: The Commanding Officer of Lee’s Corps


You will be pleased, upon the receipt of this, to take the most
expeditious measures for putting the whole Corps both Horse and Foot in
readiness to march.1 If you move, your destination will be South
Carolina. The Horse will go the whole way by land; the Foot will go
down Chesapeak Bay by Water and meet the Horse at Petersburg. As soon
as you have given the necessary orders at Burlington you had best
repair to Philada. and apply to the Board of War, to whom I have
written on the subject, for the Articles wanting to equip the Corps for
so long a march. Be pleased to acknowledge this; send your answer to
the Qr. Mr. at Trenton, who will forward it to me.

I am


On March 30 Washington wrote also to the Deputy Quartermaster General at
Trenton, asking him to forward the above letter by express. This letter
is in the Washington Papers.

On this same date (March 30) Washington also wrote briefly to Captain Von
Heer. or officer commanding the Marechaussée Corps, to march from
Pottsgrove, or Reading, Pa., to Burlington, N.J., “as expeditiously as
possible.” This draft is in the Washington

1 The officer commanding Lee’s Corps was at Burlington, N.J.

2 The draft is in the writing of Tench Tilghman. Sparks prints this letter as
to Maj. Henry Lee.