<br /> Lee Letter: n121

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: The Officer Commanding Lee’s Corps


Mr. Samuel Allison of Burlington has complained to me of violences
offered to him by Lt Carnes of the corps under your command. I have
told him that it is at his option to have recourse for redress either
to the civil or military law. If he prefers the first, Lt Carnes must
of course submit to the civil magistrate. If the last is chosen, you
will arrest Lt Carnes and direct him to repair to Head Quarters by the
18th. instant to take his trial. He will bring with him such witnesses
as he thinks essential in his behalf, or it may be better that the
depositions of the Witnesses on both sides should be taken before some
Magistrate, in presence of both parties Lt Carnes and Mr. Allison. This
may save trouble and expense. This letter goes through Mr. Allison who
will inform you which of the alternatives he determines upon.

I am


1 The draft is in the writing of Alexander Hamilton.