<br /> Lee Letter: n128

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee


You will proceed to Monmouth and establish yourself in that vicinity.
When you arrive there, you will see General Foreman who is charged with
dispatches for a French fleet expected at the Hook and to keep a look
out for their arrival. You will give such assistance in this as will be
necessary. There are some pilots who will be stationed down there, who
will put themselves under your protection. Should a fleet appear which
you have good reason to believe is a French fleet General Foreman and
you will immediately go on board with the dispatches and offer your
service to The General and admiral for every thing in which you can be
useful to them.

You will instantly impress every kind of refreshment the Country affords;
cattle, vegetables &ca. for the use of our allies; for which
purpose you will make previous arrangements, and execute them in the
manner most effectual and least grievous to the inhabitants giving
certificates for every thing taken.

Should there be any state troops or Militia in service, not under a
superior officer You will take command of them; should there be a
superior officer you will endeavour to engage him to cooperate with

Advise me instantly of any thing important that happens on the Coast; of
all vessels coming in and going out; of whatever may be doing at the
Hook, and in the bay.

On the appearance of the fleet send immediately a dragoon to Hd. Qrs. and
another to the Minister of France with advice of the


1 The draft is in the writing of Alexander Hamilton.