<br /> Lee Letter: n131

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee

Dr. Sir:

I am informed by General Foreman that there is a great number of
horses in those parts of Monmouth County within the enemy’s power
belonging to disaffected persons. To prevent the enemy’s having the
benefit of these, and to have it ourselves, you will immediately set
about driving off from the part of the country under the above
description all the horses fit for waggon or riding service, and
deliver them to the Quarter Master General, giving certificates to the
persons from whom they are taken, descriptive as far as you can of the
quality and value of the horses. You will do the same with respect to
fat Cattle, delivering these to the Commissary General.

The moment you have executed this business you will proceed to Easton where
you will receive directions from the Quarter Master General for an
impress of teams in Pensylvania.

These objects are of the greatest importance at the present juncture, and I
am persuaded you will execute them with your usual prudence decision
and celerity.

I wish you to consult General Foreman for what relates to Monmouth.

I am


1 The draft is in the writing of Alexander Hamilton.