<br /> Lee Letter: n139

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee


I beg leave to inform Your Excellency that the Commission of Colo
Price of your line, has been transmitted to me in a Letter dated at
Frederick Town the 31st of April last, informing of his determination
to resign. The Letter was a most unreasonable time on its way and by
some means was not signed, but from the subject of it and the
circumstance of its inclosing his Commission without doubt it came from
him. Your Excellency, if You think proper will communicate his
resignation to the Board of War, with your Certificate directing the
promotion of the Officer who is to succeed in consequence and such
other promotions as the event must involve. The Officers promoted will
be entitled to rank from the 31st of April.

I also beg leave to inform Your Excellency that I have within a few days
past received a Letter from Major John Stewart of the Maryland line
dated at Baltimore the 12th Ulto. in which he mentions “that the
command of the Additional Regiment raising by the State, has been given
to a Mr Jones, who was a Young Captain in the third Regiment and who
resigned last Winter and suggesting that he had left the Officers of
the line in a state of great dissatisfaction, and that he anticipated
the most fatal consequences from the appointment whenever they should
be informed of it.” From the experience I have had in cases which were
similar, I cannot but add that I am much afraid the event will be
attended with great uneasiness and indeed disagreeable convulsions. The
making this communication is a matter of delicacy with me, but I
confidently rely that I shall stand justified to Your Excellency and
the State, and that You will indulgently believe that I do it, not from
a wish to interfere in the most distant manner with the arrangements or
appointments they may think proper to make upon any occasion, but from
motives of a very different nature. These I hope will at once occur and

I shall only add that I have the honor


1 The draft is in the writing of Robert Hanson Harrison.

On September 2 Robert Hanson Harrison, by direction of Washington, also
wrote Major Lee requesting that a recruit by the name of Hoogland be
delivered up to Hoogland’s brother when the latter required him to
appear in court to discharge a bond which the brother had given for
his appearance. Harrison’s letter is in the
Washington Papers.

On September 2 Tench Tilghman also wrote to Captain von Heer that
Washington wished Von Heer to send a patrol “down Barbadoes Neck as
low as Aurant Schuylers, from whence he must detach one small party
to Kennedy’s house and another to the road leading thro’ the Cedar
Swamp to Bergen; these two small parties are necessary for the
security of the whole. If the Officer discovers any movements of the
enemy upon that quarter, let him give the General the most immediate
notice.” The draft of Tilghman’s letter is in the
Washington Papers.