<br /> Lee Letter: n141

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee


In consequence of the disagreeable intelligence of the defeat of the
Army, under Major General Gates,1 which I
have just received: I think it expedient to countermand the march of
the Troops which were ordered from Maryland to join the Main Army. I am
therefore to request Your Excellency to give directions for the
Regiment lately raised for the War, as well, as for all the Recruits of
your State (as soon as they can possibly be collected and organized) to
march immediately to the Southward, and put themselves under the Orders
of the Commanding Officer in that department.

Altho I have not had the particulars of the late disaster, or of how
extensive a nature it is: Yet it is certain the exigency is such, as
will demand the most vigorous and spirited Measures to retrieve our
affairs and check the Enemy: And I cannot entertain a doubt, but Your
Excellency and the State will use every exertion to give activity and
dispatch to the march of the Troops; and to all the Measures necessary
for the protection of the Southern States.

I have enclosed this Letter open to the Board of War, that in case the
Regiment in question is on its march from Maryland it may be ordered to
return without delay.

I have the honor etc.2



1 At Camden, S.C.

2 In the writing of David Humphreys.

A note dated “War Office Septr. 11th. 1780,” and signed “B[enjamin]
S[todert]” has been added at the bottom of the above letter
enumerating the clothing supplies needed for these Maryland troops.