<br /> Lee Letter: n162

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee


I must request your Excellency to make it a Rule in future, when
persons apply for Liberty to go to or within the Enemy’s Lines, to
insert in your passports that they shall repair to Dobbs’s Ferry, which
is the only post from whence Flags are sent, or at which they are
received. This is absolutely necessary to prevent that illegal
Intercourse and Traffic, which are now carried to so great a Height. I
am induced to mention this to your Excellency, because Mr. Buchanon,
who lately obtained a passport from the Executive of the State, came
first to Dobbs’s Ferry and waited a Day or two. He went from thence to
Eliza. town or some place in that Neighborhood, and then passed to New
York by some Conveyance not properly authorized, and came out the same
Way. I do not mean to charge Mr. Buchanon with any sinister Intention
in going in the Manner above mentioned. It might have proceeded from
Inadvertence or Ignorance. But if Dobbs’s Ferry is particularly
specified in the passports, the persons, who infringe them, cannot make
use of either of the foregoing pleas to justify themselves.

I have the
Honor etc.1



1 In the writing of Hodijah Baylies. The same letter was written to President
Dickinson, of Pennsylvania; the person who ignored the regulation in
this case being a Mr. Craig.