<br /> Lee Letter: n168

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Reverend Lee Massey

Dear Sir:1

I have been favored with your letter of June
30th.2 I thank you for the friendly style of
it, and pray you to be assured that I shall, at all times, be glad to
see you at Mount Vernon.

Business, and old concerns of the War, with which I have
now nothing to do, are still pressed upon me.
This, and Company, has left me little liezure hitherto to look into
matters which more immediately relate to myself. but finding it
necessary, I mean to devote my forenoons to business, while I give the
after part of the day to my friends, ’till I can (if that should ever
be) bring my Affairs into order again. With this indulgence from my
friends, their visits can never be unseasonable, and none will be
received with more pleasure than those of Mr. Massey.

With great esteem


1 Reverend Lee Massey of Pohick Church, Va.

2 Dated from Occoquan, Va.

3 From a photograph of the original, owned, in 1930, by Mrs. L. M. Welsh, of
Kansas City, Mo. It was a gift of Prof. Albert Bushnell Hart, of
Cambridge, Mass.