<br /> Lee Letter: n173

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

Your favour of the 15th, with the seed of the honey locust came
safe to hand, and claims my particular thanks. I have but one doubt of
its forming the best hedge in the world; and that is, whether it can be
sufficiently dwarfted. If this cannot be effected, the other purpose
mentioned in your letter, and a valuable one too, of subserving stock,
is alone sufficient to induce cultivation of the tree.

Mrs. Washington offers respectful compliments to Mrs. Lee, to whom, though
I have not the honour of being known, I beg leave to tender mine; we
both join in best wishes for you, and the young ladies,

and with great
esteem and respect, I have the honour etc.1


1 The text is from the Memoir of the Life of Richard Henry
Lee and His Correspondence
(1825), vol. 2.