<br /> Lee Letter: n174

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Arthur Lee

Dear Sir:

I have been honored with your favor of the 13th., since my
arrival at this place.

My Rheumatic complaint having very much abated (after I had the pleasure of
seeing you at Mount Vernon) I have yielded to what appeared to be the
wishes of many of my friends, and am now here as a delegate to the
Convention.1 Not more than four States were
represented yesterday. If any are come in since it is unknown to me.
These delays greatly impede public measures, and serve to sour the
temper of the punctual members who do not like to idle away their time.

Mrs. Washington intended to have given you the trouble of the enclosed, had
it been prepared in time. As the case is, I take the liberty of
committing it to your care.

I have the honor


1 On May 9 Washington left Mount Vernon to attend the convention in
Philadelphia. He reached the city Sunday, May 13.

2 From a photostat of the original kindly furnished by George A. Ball, of
Muncie, Indiania.