<br /> Lee Letter: n180

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

We are informed that this is the day appointed for the departure
of Mrs. Fendall for Norfolk, if rightly so it is not probable I shall
have the pleasure of seeing you before your embarkation; and in that
case, our proposed exchange of Magnolia for 500 Acres of Kentucky Land
stands upon uncertainty.

It is true I am not fond of buying a Pig in a Poke (as the phraze is)
especially too of a sort which may be expensive to me, but under the
circumstances attending the choice of the Land you offer me for
Magnolia,1 there can be no doubt of the
quality of it I am willing to confirm the bargain because it is my
intention to breed Males only and for that
reason wish to avoid expence of keeping Magnolia: he is in high health,
spirits, and flesh, can be delivered in good order.

If we should not have the pleasure of seeing any of your family before
their departure, Mrs. Washington, and all under this Roof, unite in the
most affectionate Compliments to Mrs. Fendall and Mrs. Lee accompanied
with fervant wishes for the perfect recovery of their health.

I am, etc.2


1 Magnolio (or Magnolia).

2 From the “Letter Book” copy in the Washington