<br /> Lee Letter: n182

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

Your favor of the 17th. enclosing two Patents for 5000 Acres of
Land on Rough Creek in Jefferson County (and rough indeed they appear
principally to be) came duly to hand, but I am sorry to say that the
specialty of the conveyance proposed by you
neither meets my inclination nor expectation, I neither buy nor sell
and I have done both) without a general
Warrantee. If there is no dispute with respect to the title, no
possible injury can result from giving a general Warrantee. contrary to
your knowledge and belief there should appear another and better
claimants of these Lands of what avail, to me, is a special Warrantee?
Will that afford compensation when it is against the claim of yourself
and heirs only that I am indemnified? In that case shall I get anything
for the horse, the original cost of which was five hundred pounds and
with the hire of the groom, their keeping and other incidental charges
cannot I should suppose stand me in much if any less than Seven hundred
pounds? There would be no equality in such a Bargain; you say if I have
any doubt of your Title to these Lands you will give others in place of
them. I have nothing but report of the general confusion of Landed
property in that Country to form any opinion on, and this with me
operates equally with respect to all, having made no enquiry into the
rights of any; never having speculated in an Acre there. I thank you
for the information respecting Elections. A little time now will bring
the whole to a close. It gives us much pleasure to hear that Mrs. Lee
is better, and will always do so to see you at Mount Vernon.

Being with
sincere friendship etc.1


1 From the “Letter Book” copy in the Washington