<br /> Lee Letter: n185

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

The extreme hurry in which I have been for several days, to
compare the merits and pretentions of the several applicants for
appointments under the Revenue in order that the
nominations1 might speedily follow the
passing of the Collection Bill has prevented my acknowledging the
receipt of your favor of the 27th Ultimo before.

Mr. Charles Lee will certainly be brought forward as Collector for the port
of Alexandria; but for the reason you have assigned, and from a
persuasion that Mr. Thos. Lee has entertained an erroneous opinion of
the emoluments of the Office at Dumfries I think it would be best for
Scott2 to go there which will give poor
Hanson3 (who is worthy of something better,
if with propriety it could be given to him) the Surveyorship at
Alexandria. As I am perfectly unacquainted with the Port of Yeocomico,
and of the Characters living there, I would thank you for naming a fit
person as a Collector for that district, on or before 1 O’clock

I thought you looked badly the other day, but not having heard of your
indisposition I said nothing, I hope your health is quite restored.

I am unable to sit yet but on soft cushings but have the Doctors assurances
that a few days more will relieve me from the inconvenience I labor
under at present on that account.

I am etc.4


1 The complete list of nominations for collectors, naval officers, and
surveyors of customs was sent to the Senate by the President, August
3, and is printed in the Executive Journal,
vol. 1.

2 Richard Marshall Scott.

3 Samuel Hanson.

4 From the “Letter Book” copy in the Washington

On August 4 Washington replied to an address from the New York Legislature,
dated July 15. Both the address and the reply are entered in the
“Letter Book” in the Washington Papers. The
original of Washington’s reply is in the Historical Society of