<br /> Lee Letter: n187

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

At the sametime that I address the letter which accompanies this
to you, officially, permit me to offer my sincere congratulations on
your Appointment to the Government of Virginia, and to add my best
wishes for the prosperous Administration of the important Office which
you now fill, as well as for your personal happiness.

An anxiety to do well, which is inseperable from high Offices, generally
increases with the importance of the trust committed to our charge; and
to that drawback you must lay your Account. But that you may experience
as few troubles and difficulties as the nature of your situation will

is the sincere wish of Dear Sir


1 From a photostat of the original in the University of Chicago Library.

On December 8 Washington wrote a brief note of thanks to Elbridge Gerry:
“The President and Mrs. Washington have received the pears and the
curious fluted Cymbling which Mr. Gerry has been so good as to send
them, and beg his acceptance of their best thanks for this mark of
polite attention.” This note was sold at auction in 1926.