<br /> Lee Letter: n191

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Thomas Sim Lee


I have received your Excellency’s Letter of the 11 instant.

When the British Vice-Consul at Baltimore exhibits all his proofs
respecting the capture of the Brigantine Coningham, a better judgment
can be formed than at present, whether this act is an infraction of
neutrality. In doing this he ought to make no delay; because there can
be no decision before the evidence on both sides is heard.

Three miles will, if I recollect rightly, bring the Coningham within the
rule of some decisions; but the extent of
Territorial jurisdiction at Sea, has not yet been fixed, on account of
some difficulties which occur in not being able to ascertain with
precision what the general practice of Nations in this case has been.

With very great esteem etc.1


[MD. H. S.]

1 In the writing of Bartholomew Dandridge.