<br /> Lee Letter: n193

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Ludwell Lee
Recipient: R. West


The Address of the Landholders and Inhabitants of Fairfax
County, forwarded to me by you, has been received.

It is a source of much pleasure to me to find my Fellow Citizens of Fairfax
among those spirited republicans of the United States, who declare to
the world their firm determination to support the Government they have
chosen for themselves, and to oppose with manly resolution any attempts
to weaken the public confidence therein, or to interrupt the repose
they now enjoy, or a state of peace to which their interest and
happiness are so closely allied.

In fulfilling the duties which are attendant on the trust with which my
Countrymen have honored me, my highest gratification is in meriting and
receiving their approving voice; I therefore request you to communicate
to the Citizens of Fairfax the pleasure I derive from their approbation
of my public conduct, and to assure them of my constant and unremitted
attention to the promotion of the prosperity and happiness of my Fellow
Citizens of these States.1


1 From the “Letter Book” copy in the Washington