<br /> Lee Letter: n205

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: General Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

Your letter of yesterday’s date from George Town is received.

You know perfectly well what my inducements were to part with the property
you purchased of me, but rather than have any difficulty, or unpleasant
disputes respecting the payments, agreeable to contract, I would take
productive property in the Federal City, in Alexandria, or almost any
where, or any thing productive, or unproductive, at what it would fetch
in the market; provided the title is indisputable; but I protest
decidedly against receiving any where their is
the smallest pretensions of others.

As to the present being an unfavourable time to
dispose of property in the City, or elsewhere, permit me to observe
that, it is a question of very equivocal solution. The rise or fall,
depends upon events, which, under present circumstances, few among us
are able to penetrate, or foretell the issue. But all this is matter of
opinion or speculation, and but little to the purpose.

Point out, if you please, the precise property; the precise situation of
it; and, if absolutely free from any incumbrance or disputes. This will
enable me to determine, at once, if there be a probability of
accommodating matters in the way you propose. It is necessary I should
inform you, that I have tried every expedient in my power, to obtain
payment of Jesse Simms’s note, but, as yet, without effect, and that,
by looking to my letter of the 8th. of Sepr. Last year, you will
perceive that credit was only to be given when paid.

With respect to Corn, I have partly contracted with my Nephew, Colo. Wm.
Washington of Westmoreland, for an annual supply of 500 Barls.

I hope nothing will occasion your leaving these parts without my seeing
you. I want much to do it on account of some military concerns, and the
sooner it can be made to suit your convenience the more agreeable it
would be to me. But for the daily expectation I have been in of this
pleasure, I should long since have written to you on this subject.

great esteem etc.