<br /> Lee Letter: n210

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Ludwell Lee

Dear Sir:

Your occupation on Wednesday last, put it out of my power to
speak to you with out giving interruption to more important business
than I am now about to communicate.

Having good information that some land which I hold on four mile run was
much depredated on, I went up some short time ago to run round the
Lines, and found the fact to be as reported; but not being able to
ascertain all the Corners, and those holding the adjacent Lands not
being present, I forbore to re-mark any of the
lines;1 but being desirous of doing this,
and meeting with all the parties at the Election, Monday next is fixed
upon for this purpose; who have engaged to meet me at the beginning
Corner of Adams’s Patent (under which I hold) by nine o’clock on that
morning; where, and when, being informed that you have Land adjoining
mine, I should be glad to meet you. As you may not know where this
Corner is, I shall pass a little house at the junction of the Leesburgh
Road (a widows) half an hour before nine on my way.

With great esteem


1 A facsimile of Washington’s survey of this Four Mile Run tract is published
in The George Washington Atlas, pl. 21
(Washington: 1932), edited by Lawrence Martin.