<br /> Lee Letter: n214

Washington and Lee University

Resolved That as we find the reason declared in the preamble to the Acts of
Parliament for raising a Revenue in America to be for “suporting the
Civil Government Administration of Justice and for protecting defending
and securing” the Colonies, The Congress recommend it to the Colonies
where it is not already done, to provide a constitutional honorable,
and compitent support for the purposes of Government and Administration
of Justice. And since it is quite unreasonable that the Mother Country
should be at the expence of maintaining Standing Armies in North
America for its defence and that Administration may be convinced that
this is unnecessary and improper as North America is able, willing, and
under Providence determined to Protect Defend and Secure itself, The
Congress do most earnestly recommend it to the several Colonies that a
Militia be forthwith appointed and well disciplined And that they be
well provided with Ammunition and Proper Arms.


Manuscript, American Philosophical Society. In the hand of Richard Henry
Lee and endorsed by Lee: “Motion made in Congress Oct. 1774 by R.H.L.
to apprize the pub. of danger & to put the Colonies in a State of [. . .]”

1 Silas Deane’s Diary, October 3, 1774, makes it clear that Lee offered this
motion as an amendment to James Duane’s proposed resolution of
October 1. Lee’s attempt to strengthen Congress’ commitment to
military defense was opposed by a majority of the delegates. Instead,
Congress passed the milder resolution that is recorded in the
journals. JCC, 1:54.