<br /> Lee Letter: n215

Washington and Lee University

The Congress are of opinion that it is inconsistent with the honor and
safety of a free people to live within the Controul and exposed to the
injuries of a Military force not under government of the Civil Power,
and as General Gage has thought proper to take possession of the Town
of Boston with an armed force, and is converting that once free City
into a Military Garrison The Congress advise from every motive of honor
safety and wisdom that the Free Citizens of Boston no longer expose
themselves to the dangerous consequences of these Military Manouvres,
but quit their Town and find a safe asylum among their hospitable
Countrymen, who we doubt not will on this trying occasion, display that
virtuous humanity which may be so deservedly
exercised1 towards their brave oppressed
Fellow Citizens. And again we earnestly recommend it to all British
America that they do from time to time plentifully supply these their
distressed and diserving Countrymen.2


Manuscript, University of Virginia Library. In the hand of Richard Henry
Lee, and endorsed by Lee: “Motion for Quitting Town of Boston.”

1 Lee wrote “extended” over the word “exercised” but did not line out the

2 Ford states that this motion was rejected but offers no documentation for
the statement. JCC, 1:59n.