<br /> Lee Letter: n232

Washington and Lee University

Sender: John Dickinson
Recipient: Arthur Lee

Dear Sir,

The enclos’d will convince You how Affairs stand in

I am Sir, your Affectionate friend.

(John Dickinson)

The Bearer Dr. Hutchinson, a worthy young Gentleman of this place,
can give You a Detail of the several Engagements at Boston

As several Copies of the Decl[aratio]n are gone by this Ship with several
Errors in them, it may be proper to have the inclos’d put first into
the Press.


Receiver’s copy, Harvard University Libraries. In the hand of John
Dickinson; signature inked out.

1 Apparently a copy of the Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking
up Arms.

2 Undoubtedly James Hutchinson (1752 – 93), Philadelphia physician, who went to
England at this time to complete his medical studies under Dr. John
Fothergill of London. DAB.