<br /> Lee Letter: n244

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Francis Lightfoot Lee
Recipient: Landon Carter

My dear Colonel

I wrote to Col. Tayloe two or three days agoe, from whome I suppose you
have had the news, and intended by Mr. Colston to answer your last
letter; but an express from the Camp last night having brot fresh
intelligence I take the advantage of tomorrow’s post to communicate it
to you. The transports from Ireland with five Regiments compleat have
arrived at Boston, a fishing boat with 6 muskets took a schooner
belonging to the fleet loaded with provisions for the officers, in her
were many letters by which we learn that the Roman Catholic Lords,
Bishops & Gentry are extreamly active in procuring recruits; the
Protestants very averse to the business, many recruiting parties driven
out of their towns, and even the lower class of Catholics show great
dislike to it, but with the high premiums given by the Popish towns
&c many recruits are raised, & it is expected as many will be
raised as will compleat the number entended for the next campaign,
which they say is 22,000. 5,000 Hanoverians are to garrison Gibralter
& Port Mahon, the British regiments there to go to England &
Ireland. I will not anticipate your reflection upon these infamous
proceedings of the Ministry, but I think he must be blind indeed who
does not see the design of establishing arbitrary Government in
America; and unworthy the name of man, who does not oppose it, at all
hazard. The establishment of Popery will no doubt, be the reward of the
exertions of the Roman catholics. We do not think the whole of these
raw Irish will make a dinner for our troops. Our only fear is the want
of ammunition, but we hope to be releived from that before next spring.
Our cutters have taken two more of their caitering Vessels, one loaded
with wood the other with provisions. 600 of the enemy made a sally out
of Boston to carry off some cattle but a few of our men quickly
repulsed them, with the loss of two of their men. We have heard of
Arnolds being in Canada & recd. with open arms by the inhabitants,
so we expect that Quebec & of course the whole Province is ours by
this time. So much for news.

I am glad to find that amidst all the breeches button making in Virga.
& in spite of the Cholic you keep up your spirits; & therefore
hope you have defeated all the party schemes in Richmond. Lord Dunmore
seems to be a little quiet since the taste of Virga. prowess at
Hampton; we expect that Col. Woodford will keep him to his good
behaviour at Norfolk. Pray remember me to all my friends, present my
best respects to my friend Mr. Carter & his Lady, &

believe me
allways yr. aftn. hble Sert
Francis Lightfoot Lee


Receiver’s copy, Virginia Historical Society.