<br /> Lee Letter: n253

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Francis Lightfoot Lee
Recipient: a Friend in London

From the little inquiry that has been made concerning your friends Land,
upon Susquehanna, in Maryland, It appears to me, that he has a right to
that & much more, if he can prove himself the lawfull heir to the
person of his Name who died in Maryland. The Gentleman in Maryland is
still upon the enquiry, when it is finished you shall know the result.

The Gentleman who brings this will have all our public papers; by which you
will see our great success this year, against your infamous ministry.
The Associations & Committees of correspondence give us some hopes,
that your Hill will soon be graced with their heads. It is my opinion
that if the war continues another year, G. Britain & the Colonies
are disunite(l for ever. Our troops now in pay & order’d to be
raised amount to 35,000 & will be 8 or 10,000 more in the spring.
We have now 10 Ships of war from 10 to 30 Guns in Continental pay,
& are determined to exert the whole force of the Continent this
winter to fit out as many large Ships as possible against next summer.
There are many small Ships belonging to the different Colonies, &
private persons to cruise upon the Ministerial transports; and many
others getting ready. Ld. Bute will soon make America a great Naval
power. The Lee, Capt. Manly, took the other day a store ship called the
Nancy, loaded with Musketts, artillery & other stores to a great
amount. We thank the Ministry [for] the supply. All Canada is ours.

Francis Light. Lee


Receiver’s copy, Virginia Historical Society. A continuation of Lee to a
Friend in London, November 29, 1775.