<br /> Lee Letter: n329

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Francis Lightfoot Lee
Recipient: Walter Jones

My dear friend

I have but a moment to thank you for your late letters, & to inform you
that I think there is crude Sal Ammoniac among my medicines. This I am
pretty certain of but if I shou’d be mistaken, make them send to
Chantilly where my bror. says there is plenty. We are all here in
confusion, short inlistments has allmost ruined us. Our Army having
disbanded before a new one was raised, has enabled Genl. Howe to make
considerable progress this way. If the weather dont stop him I hardly
think the people will. There is little spirit & […] Virtue
among them in these middle Colonies. Remember me to all friends. Adieu
my Friend.

Francis Lightfoot Lee


Receiver’s copy, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. Addressed:
“To Doctor Walter Jones, Richmond County, Virginia.”