<br /> Lee Letter: n336

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert Morris
Recipient: Richard Henry Lee

Dear Sir

I am much obliged by the extract of a letter from London of the 21st Septr
which you have been pleased to favour me
with1 and I fear there is but too much
reason to suspect the generality of Scotchman as our most inveterate
Enemies in the present Contest but I do not believe the misfortune of
the two Ships at Hamburg to be oweing to any treachery.

The bills remitted to purchase the Goods at that place were many of them
drawn by the Scotch Factors of Virginia & Maryland (for others coud
not be got) drawn on their principals in London & Glasgow, and I
suppose these principals have been at the pains to find out what
channells the bills passed through & have thereby traced out the
purposes for which they were remitted. I saw the acct. of the Stoppage
of these Vessells some time ago & was very uneasy at it knowing the
Importance of the Cargoes they went for, but still I have comforted
myself with a firm dependence on the agent I sent to manage the matter,
who, tho a Scotch Man is a Man of Strict honor, extreamly well versed
in business & capable of extricating himself from difficulties so
that I have at this moment a firm reliance on receiving those Cargoes
by some other Channell in the Course of this Winter, and believe me if
that Man deceives me I will never trust another but I think it
impossible. I am exerting myself in your Service & will do every
thing you wish in the business of the Secret & Marine Committees.
My Compts to your Brother & all Friends as I am, Dr. sir, Your
Obedt hble servt,

Robt Morris

P.S. Mr Jona Hudson writes me that he is desirous of serving the Publick in
such Capacity as he can be most useful. He is an active dilligent Man
in business and I believe a very honest one. I know you like to employ
such and if you serve him I believe you will have satisfaction in doing


Receiver’s copy, University of Virginia Library.

1 For the “letter from London of the 21st Septr,” see Richard Henry Lee to
Robert Morris, December 24, 1776.