<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0027

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Secret Committee
Recipient: John Langdon


We some time ago desired you to purchase two or three ships and send them
to Virginia, or South Carolina, since which we have not had the
pleasure of hearing from you, but hope that business is in good
forwardness.1 We have now to desire you
to purchase another ship and send her to France if a cargo can be
procured at your place suitable for that market. No doubt masts will
answer very well and perhaps some other articles of greater value may
be procured – however of this you are a much better judge than we can be.
Our wish is that the cargo may be valuable and that the ship may be
dispatched as soon as possible.

Many articles that are much wanted in the army, we imagine may be obtained
at the Islands, St Peters, Newfoundland. We therefore desire you would
charter two small vessels (which should be very fast sailers) if cargos
can be procured proper for that market2
and order from thence canvas for tents, or any sort of woolen or linen
goods suitable for soldier’s clothing. Your drafts on this Committee
will be duly paid, for whatever sums you may want for the execution of
this business at the Islands of St Peters and Meguelon.

We are with great respect, your most humble servts,
Richard Henry Lee
F Lewis
Wm Whipple


Transcription, Library of Congress.

1 For Langdon’s progress in this regard, see his January 23 letter to Robert
Morris in Morgan, Naval Documents, 7:1020.

2 For Langdon’s response to this request, see his January 23 letter to
William Whipple, ibid., pp. 1020 – 21.