<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0081

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Francis Lightfoot Lee
Recipient: Landon Carter

My Dear Col.

Tho I have wrote pretty fully to Col. Tayloe, upon the present state of our
affairs & sent him the papers, which I know you will partake of;
yet I cant help saying a word, to convince you, that I can never forget

Dont you give us credit for our good policy in removing from Philadelphia?
Nothing else cou’d awaken the Whigs of that State to a sense of their
danger. The lethargy of the middle States was really alarming; thank
God! it is removed, our new Army once well on foot, & all is safe,
but I believe, my friend, we must be content with homespun the rest of
our lives.

Doctor Bond promised to procure for you, a certain method of granulating
sugar, he is much pleased with your intention, says the world is
greatly obliged to [you,]1 happy to
assist your designs.2 Philadelphia,
I am sure prevented his complying with his promise: as that confusion
is pretty well over, I will write to him to send it to me. The same
reason has prevented your receiving the Philadelphia Ledger. There is a
good paper published here, which will now contain all authentic
intelligence. If you chuse it, I will send it.

If I have not been so punctual as I ought in the execution of your
commands, I hope you will not impute it to want of inclination. I
assure you I have little time I can call my own, & that irregular
& uncertain. It is now past 12 at night & Mrs. Lee calls to
bed. My best respects to Mr. Carter, his Lady & the family.

Adieu my friend.

Francis Lightfoot Lee


Receiver’s copy, Virginia Historical Society.

1 MS damaged; approximately three words missing.

2 MS damaged; approximately three words missing.