<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0127

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Marine Committee
Recipient: Robert Morris


The Marine Committee, judging it of the utmost Consequence, that the
Frigate Virginia should be got to Sea as soon as possible, and finding
it impracticable to procure here the necessary Articles for the Ship,
without which she cannot proceed to Sea, have determined to send to
Philada. for them; and have sent the Bearer, an Officer of Captain
Nicholson’s, to expedite the Business. And I am now in the Name of the
Marine Committee to request, you will immediately order such of the
Articles as are mentioned in the enclosed
Memo.1 and can readily be got in
Philada. to be forwarded here without Loss of Time, in such Manner as
you shall judge best. The Bearer will afford every Aid in his Power.

I should think that it would be no Disservice in taking an Anchor & the
Cables from one of the Frigates in Philada. as you can with more Ease
replace them there, than we can procure them here; and all your
frigates are not in the Readiness the Virginia is, and indeed she waits
only for these Articles. I submit it to you to conduct as you think
most for the public Service, but with Respect to the Anchor, Cables
& Rigging, it is of the utmost Importance they should be sent. Two
Carts put together would easily affect this, let the Expence be ever so
great-but Care should be taken to prevent the Cables from chaffing by
matting the Turns, or putting Canvas round the Parts liable to rub
against the Waggon. But I need not give you any Hints of this Kind. I
wish we may have as many of the Articles as can be got, and I know you
will exert yourself to effect this Business.

I am, in Behalf of the Marine Committee, Sir, your most obed. &
very hble Servt.

John Hancock Chairman

[P.S.] The Inclos’d Letter to Commodore
Hopkins,2 I leave open for yor perusal;
please to Seal & forward by first good Oppory.


Receiver’s copy, Reciver’s copy, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis. In the hand
of Jacob Rush, with signature and postscript by Hancock.

1 Not found.

2 See Marine Committee to Esek Hopkins, January 21, 1777.