<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0277

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Marine Committee
Recipient: Elisha Warner


I send down to you by the Muskeito sundry Packets for Captain Biddle of the
Randolph frigate which is now a Cruizing on the Coast. You are to
proceed down the Bay directly send on shore to the Light House and tell
the Keeper of it whenever he discovers a frigate in the offing whilst
you are in sight of the Light House to hoist or shew a large white
sheet on sight of which the Randolph will stand in, another will not
know what it means. You will keep Cruizing about the Capes in sight of
the Light House until you deliver these despatches to Captain Biddle
and take care every night to get under the Land to prevent being cut
off by the enemy. When you see any frigate hoist your Continental
Colours and you will know the Randolph by a White Jack at the fore top
mast head and a Pendant over it, dont trust too near until you discover
this Signal, and when you see it you will know the Randolph. Soon as
you have delivered these despatches to Captain Biddle come up to the
Cheveaux Defrize or some place where you can keep your men on board and
inform me of your return.

I am Sir, Your very hble servant,

Robt. Morris V.P.

P. S. These despatches are of great consequence and must be delivered
Captain Biddle soon as possible, and if any unfortunate accident
befalls you they must be Sunk for the enemy must not have them on any


Letter book, Marine Committee Letter Book, Marine Committee Miscellaneous
Papers, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,
Washington, D.C.

1 Warner was captain of the Continental sloop Fly.