<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0306

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert Morris
Recipient: Secret Committee

I have transmitted the Resolve of Congress of the 5 February to the
Commissioners at Paris as you will see by the Copy of a letter I wrote
them yesterday. You should have sent me half a dozen Authenticated
Copies of the Resolve-it went by the Fly to the Randolph which will
carry it to Martinico. A Copy Certified by myself goes by the
Independence & you had best send me some more for other

In Consequence of the Resolves of Congress and an Order from the Marine
Committee I have sent down the Schooner Musquito yesterday with two
Months provisions to the Fly which was then lying at Rheedy Island and
I sent down Orders to Capn Warner immediately to proceed to the Capes
and give notice to the Light House to make the Signal for Capn Biddle
whenever they saw a Ship in the
offing.1 I told him to keep Cruizing
every day in the Offing and told him the Signal Biddle would make to be
known by. Each Night I told him to run in under the Land to prevent the
Enemys Ships from Cutting him off. By this means he will be sure to
meet the Randolph as she will come in sight of the Light House on
purpose to learn if there be any fresh Orders for him. Capn Warner will
then deliver the Sundry orders and despatches I sent for Capn Biddle
and they will part, the Fly to Cruize off the Capes of Virginia and the
Randolph for Martinico & herein I enclose a Copy of the Orders I
sent him and of the sundry letters relative to his Voyage, which I hope
will meet approbation, and as they relate in some degree to the Marine
Department I think you had best lay them before the Marine Committee or
if you think necessary before Congress, because there are other Vessels
will soon go for Martinico, and if any part of which I have written is
disapproved counter orders will probably arrive in time.

I hope Biddle will send us a Galeatea, a Pearl, or a Camelias before he
leaves this Coast.2 Pray desire the
Marine Committee if they are not coming up to Send me Orders respecting
the Delaware. I have wrote General Washington to Send her Marines, and
as it will be difficult manning her, I think she had best Sail soon as
ever she has enough of men to work her, proceed to Windward of
Barbadoes and Cruise untill she Manns herself from Prizes and then go
to Martinico for supplies to return her with. The Washington May be
Managed in the Same way, but there is no Guns for the Effingham
therefore I think she had best load and send her to France to be
compleated. And I dont know how it happens but there is no Guns made
nor making for that ship. Somebody should Superintend the Casting of
Cannon than [sic] they do but I think Gentn out of doors should be
employed to conduct that business and have no other pursuit.


Transcription, William Bell Clark transcript from Bank of North America
Papers, Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Morgan, Naval Documents,
7:1236 – 37.

1 Writing in his capacity as vice president of the Marine Committee, Morris
sent the following letter to Lt. Thomas Albertson on February 18.
“You are immediately to proceed down the River in search of the Sloop
Fly, Captain Elisha Warner, which I am told is not at Rheedy Island.
You must find him speedily as possible and deliver him the Letter and
Packet given you herewith and return to this City bringing his
receipt.” Paullin, Marine Committee Letters, 1:82. Morris’ letter to
Warner has not been found.

2 The three vessels named were British frigates.