<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0335

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Secret Committee
Recipient: Robert Purviance
Recipient: Samuel Purviance, Jr.


Enclosed is an order for one bbl. of Powder for the Brig. Friendship which
you will please to deliver immediately to Mr. Fitzsimons that he may
apply to the Commissary for the same as the Brig only waits for the
powder in order to sail.

You’l please to observe that it is the resolve of the Committee that this
Brig take no more than four 4 pounders 4 swivills & 6 muskets, the
remainder to be left in your custody till called for by the Committee.
You’l take the Captain or owner’s receipt for these warlike stores
delivered him.

Richard Henry Lee
Wm. Whipple
Francis Lewis


MS not found; reprinted from George C. Thomas, ed., Autograph Letters and
Autographs of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence
(Philadelphia: privately printed, 1908), no pagination.