<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0361

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Secret Committee
Recipient: William Bingham


You will find enclosed herein an Invoice & bill of Loading for 31 Casks
of the best Carolina Indico Containing 8795 lb & 35 bbls of
Superfine flour the whole amounting to £4731.18.6 this Currency
being Invoiced at the real Cost, by which you will see how high a price
these Articles stand in here and we hope you will exert yourself to
make them bring an equivalent in Martinico. You will sell these Goods
to the best advantage and place the Net Proceeds to our Credit. You
must supply Capt Young with what may be necessary to pay the Charges of
the Sloop & transmit us his receipt for the same, We hope he will
be very moderate in those Charges and to be so, he must make dispatch
to which we expect you will Contribute all in your power.

We have been advised by Mr. Deane that he shou’d ship to your address this
Winter considerable supplies of Military Stores, Cloathing &c for
Account & risque of the Continent. There is little doubt but some
or all of these are with you before this date, and if so, you will
please to Ship a proportion of them onboard this Sloop Independance
Consigned to our Order & transmit us Invoice & bill of Loading
for what you Ship. The Articles most Wanted are good Soldiers Musquets,
Brass Field pieces, Powder, Tent Cloth & Soldiers Cloathing. Send
as many of these articles as may make the Value by this Sloop from
£3000 to £5000 Sterlg first Cost and you cannot be in too
much haste in getting them away. Shou’d any disapointment have taken
place & the Stores from Mr Deane have not arrived, you will then
purchase as much of the Articles already mentioned as you can &
dispatch the Sloop back with them.

The Hornet, Capt Nicholson, went from hence to Charles Town South Carolina
from whence she proceeds to you with Rice & Indico. We hope she
will arrive safe and you must also send her directly back for this
Coast with similar supplys to these now ordered by the Independance and
we shall Continue making you remittances as fast as we can get
opportunities of doing it with any tolerable degree of safety. Flour is
very scarce & dear here & will continue so, as the last Crops
were the Worst ever known & the Consumption & destruction of
two Armies is immense.

We are, sir, Your Obedt hble servants, For & by order of the Secret
Committee of Congress,

Robt Morris, Chair Man


Receiver’s copy, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. Written and
signed by Morris.