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Washington and Lee University

The Committee consisting of Richard Henry Lee, Wm. Whipple & Frans.
Lewis Esqrs. issued the following drafts on Michael Hillegas Esqr. the
Continentl. treasurer. Jany. 4th. In favor of Alexandr. Gillon Esqr. on
Acct. for 9333 2/3 dlls to be chargd to his Acct. 7th. In favor of
Messrs. Lux & Bowley for 6666 2/3 dlls, sent from Philada. by Mr.
Morris & to be chargd to his Acct. 10th. In favor of Wallace &
Davidson for 19382 1/6 dlls. This Bill sent by Mr. Morris is to be
chargd to his Acct. In favor of David
Steward2 48000 dlls. This bill sent by
Mr. Morris & to be chargd to his Acct. 21st. In favor of John Nixon
& Co for 16069 27/90 dlls. This bill sent by Mr. Morris to be
chargd sd. J. Nixon & Co. for Ship Hopes cargo. Feby. 1st. In favor
of Saml. & Rob. Purviance for 28,000 dlls to be chargd to their
Acct. 6th. In favor of Stephen Steward for 4000 dlls to be chargd to
Mr. Morris. 8th. In favor of Messrs. Js. & Adam Hunter for 20000
dlls. This bill sent by Mr. Morris to be chargd to him. 18th. In favor
of Stephn. Steward for 8000 dlls to be chargd to Mr. Morris. 22d. In
favor of Hewes & Smith for 8000 dlls sent them by Mr. Mushraw &
to be chargd to Mr. Morris. 27th. In favr. of Messrs. S. & R.
Purviance for 12000 dlls to be chargd them.

Baltimore Feby. 27. 1777. The Come. issued an order on the Treasurer in
favor of Ths. Jett Esqr. for 10,000 dlls to be chargd to his

During the residence of the Come. at Baltimore they wrote several Letters
to the Agents in France & on the Continent as appears by copies of
sd. Letters. The Come. orderd Messrs. S. & R. Purviance of
Baltimore to purchase for the public Acct. two prize vessels at that
port, a quantity of pig iron &c Accts. of wch. are to be furnishd.
They ordered Mr. Stephen Steward to purchase for the public acct. a
quantity of tobacco. They orderd Thos. Jett Esqr. to buy 1000 hhds
tobo. for pub. acct. as appears by letter to them.

Philadelphia. During the residence of the Comme at Baltimore the Chairman
Mr. Morris transacted the followg. business at this place.

1776. Decr. 14. Paid Capt. Nath. Falconer the balance of an Acct. of this
expences to the Eastwd. when he was sent by the Secret & Marine
Comes. to transact public business _ _ _ 177. 10.

20th Paid Oswall Eve balance of his Acct. for manufacturg. Gunpowdr _ _ _ 127.7.6

1777. Feby. 15. Paid Capt. Jeremiah Morgan to be chargd to his Acct _ _ _ 80.

15. Paid Capt. Saml. Smith junr. of the Ship

Hancock & Adams4 toward the freight of
sd. vessel to be chargd her owner

B[lai]r Meclanaghan _ _ _ 1125.

18. Paid J.R. Levingston Esqr. in part for manufacturg. gunpowder _ _ _ 258.11.3


Paid Js. Fulton for porterage of G. powder &c 13.12


Paid Mr. Blaquiere for the fol[lowin]g Stores

purchasd. from him: 89 Casks powdr.

Wt 7104 lb at 4s, £2486.8.0. 18 Kegs flints

24400 at 40s, 48.16.0. 2 Bales match rope

135 lb [at] 15d, 8.8.9. 3 ream

Cartge paper [at] 24s, £3.12 _ _ _ 2547.4.9

Feby. 3d. Paid Capt. Danl. Bigelow of the

Sloop Ranger for demurrge on sd. sloop while detaind in this port, to be
chargd Messrs. Silas

& Barnabas Deane _ _ _ 51.

Do. 13th. G. Losch in part for manufactg. Gun powder _ _ _ 250.

J. Russel the amount of his Acct. for storage of Salt petre _ _ _ 11.


£4641. 6.4

The Cash for paying the above Accts. was supplied by the Marine Come. &
the Navy board has been directed to charge the Acct. to this Come. in
their books.

An order was drawn on Capt. Biglow of the Sloop Ranger, to deliver Comy.
Carpenter Wharton for the use of the Army, all the Salt imported in sd.
sloop from Curraco to be placd to the credit of Messrs. S. & B.

Feby. 8th. Recd. from the Come. of Congress an order on Ths. Smith L.
Officer of the State for 10,000 dlls in Certificates, wch. was receivd
& sent to J. Bradford Esqr. at Boston by Patrick McCloskey an
Express, to be laid out in the purchase of Goods for the pub. Acct.
agreable to orders now transmitd. him.

March 6th. Recd. from Michl. Hillegas Esqr. C[ontinenta]l Treasr. at
Baltimore 120,000 dlls, wch. was brought up & deposited in the
hands of Messrs. Mease & Caldwell & taken afterward from them
& this day sent off to Boston, by Freeman Palsifer an express to be
deliverd Messrs. Livingston & Turnbull then agts. for purchasing
cloathing in the Eastn. States.


Manuscript, Houghton Library, Harvard University. This entry is preceded by
the copyist’s notation that “Here the Minutes begin in the
handwriting of Mr. Robert Morris” and by the statement that “On
examining the papers deliverd me, by the Committee on their return
from Baltimore I find they did not keep any book of Minutes therefore
the following are extracted from the said Papers. R. Morris.”

1 This date has been assigned because the last “summary” paragraph in the
Journal of the Secret Committee appears under the date March 6.

2 At this point the copyist keyed the following note: “This Steward for
purchases on public Acct. had remitted to him by the Come. 3733
30/90. See p. 137.” It was actually Stephen Stewart who received this
sum from the committee. See Secret Committee Minutes of Proceedings,
May 31, 1777. For more details about the remittance made to David
Stewart, see Robert Morris to John Hancock, January 6, 1777.

3 At this point the copyist noted “here Mr. Morris’s writing ends.”

4 Extracts of affidavits made by Robert Morris in 1785 and by Blair
McClenachan in 1786 concerning the Secret Committee’s December 1776
agreement with McClenachan for the charter of the Hancock and Adams,
extracts of documents pertaining to the British capture of this ship
in January 1778 during its return voyage from France, and a copy of
McClenachan’s 1786 account with Congress for this ship are in the Lee
Family Papers, MH-H.