<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0443

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Marine Committee
Recipient: John Bradford


We find complaints are made by the officers and Seamen concerned in the
Capture of Prizes that have fallen into your hands as Continental
Agent, for want of a distribution of Prize Money and it is urged by Mr
Glover their Agent that you neglect or refuse to settle the accounts or
to pay him the share appertaining to the Captors which puts it totally
out of his power to make such distribution, and in consequence of these
delays the Maritime service of the Continent suffers exceedingly, in
short it is owing to unhappy circumstances of this kind that the Navy
cannot be manned and we now must press your immediate attention and
utmost exertion to settle the accounts of every prize whose
circumstances can admit of settlement, and if you have delivered any
Prize goods for the Continental service produce the Inventories thereof
with the receipts that prove the delivery to Messrs. Isaac Smith,
Ebenezer Storer and William Philips whom we have appointed to value the
same. The amount of such valuations you will charge to the Continent
and Credit in the respective Account sales which will enable you to
compleat the Accounts of all such prizes and you will then pay to the
Agent for the Captors their proportion agreeable to the Resolves of

We must also remind you of our Letter of Instructions dated the 18th of
October the receipt of which you acknowledged but hitherto have not
complyed with the Contents. We suppose it will be sufficient to inform
you, we shall be under a necessity of requiring a Strict Complyance
with those injunctions from all the

We are sir, Your hble servants


Letter book, Marine Committee Letter Book, Marine Committee Miscellaneous
Papers, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,
Washington, D.C.

1 For further information on this matter, see John Adams to Isaac Smith, Sr
March 20, 1777, note.