<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0526

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Marine Committee
Recipient: Charles Alexander


The Marine Commissioners having reported to this Board that the Frigate
Delaware under your command is ready for Sea, you are hereby directed
to proceed to Cruize for the enemies Transport and Provision Vessels
that may be coming from Europe to New York, You will proceed so far to
the Eastward and so far from the Coast as will be the least likely to
fall in with the Enemies Ships of war until your men are well practiced
and fitted to engage with strong ships. When that is the case you are
then to draw nearer to the Coast of North America, and Cruise along the
said Coast from Block Island to the Capes of Virginia doing your true
endeavour to take, burn, Sink, or destroy as many of the enemies Ships
and Vessels of every kind as you may have the good fortune to fall in
with. The prizes you may be lucky enough to take you will send into
such Ports of the United states as you shall think will be the safest
from the informations you may receive, you are to pay due attention to
the printed Instructions from the Navy Board. It is possible that we
may think proper to give you fresh Orders which shall be lodged with
Henry Fisher at Lewis Town, and the light House will be ordered to shew
a large white sheet when they have such orders and find a frigate in
sight Should any unfortunate accident befall you destroy these Orders
rather than let the enemy get them, and you will as opportunities occur
transmit us Accounts of your proceedings.

You will be careful of the Delaware, her Stores and materials, kind to your
Officers and Men but observing strict discipline, and you are to pay
due attention to the printed Instructions of the Navy Board. Inclosed
you have Signals whereby you are to know American Vessels of war.

We are sir, Your hble servants


Letter book, Marine Committee Letter Book, Marine Committee Miscellaneous
Papers, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,
Washington, D.C.