<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0536

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Francis Lightfoot Lee
Recipient: George Washington

Dear Sir,

I am very sorry that I was not in this City when General Green was here;
nothing cou’d give me greater pleasure, than to have an opportunity of
shewing every respect & civility to a Gentleman who so justly
possesses your esteem.

It gives me pain, that you are joined by so few of the new levies. There
are great complaints to the southward, against the recruiting officers,
which I fear are too well grounded; gaming in particular is said to
prevail to a scandalous height, than which nothing is a more deadly foe
to business. I hope however you will soon be enabled to meet the Enemy
on any ground. I sincerely wish you health and happiness, & am Dear

Your very obt. & hble. Servant,

Francis Lightfoot Lee


Receiver’s copy, Houghton Library, Harvard University.