<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0542

Washington and Lee University

Present Morris, Col. Lee, Col. Whipple. Capn. Jermh. Morgan of the sloop
Mary, laid before the Come, his Acct. Currt. charging the valuat<io>n
insurd on the sd. sloop as by charter party made with Silas Deane
Esqr., on behalf of the States, at Bermuda, together with disbursments
pd in France, wages &c also a protest of the seizure of sd. sloop
by the Enemy, as appears fully by sd. Acct. currt. &
Protest.1 An order was drawn on Mr.
Morris for 160 dlls in part paymt. of the ballance due to him, & as
the remain<de>r <of the> ballance shoud be pd. in Bermuda per agreemt.
yet as the Come. have no funds in that place, it is agreed to give
Bills of Exchge on France for the same. Accordingly a Sett was drawn on
Messrs. Sl. & J. H. Delap Merchts. at Bordeaux in favor of sd.
Morgan, for £654.5.11 sterlg. at 60 days sight Exchge 150 per Cent
being the full amount of the balance due him on Acot.


Manuscript, Houghton Library, Harvard University.

1 The Mary had been taken by H.M.S. Lively on November 1, 1776. Morgan, Naval
Documents, 7:10.