<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0550

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Francis Lightfoot Lee
Recipient: Landon Carter

Dear Col.

Having given Col. Tayloe what little news is stiring here, which I know
will be communicated to you; I have only to acknowlege the rect. of
several of your favors, for which I am much obliged to you. Your
sentimental description is in the hands of Mr. Towne the evening
Printer.1 He has not yet informed me
whether he can print it; but I doubt he will be prevented by the many
domestic occurrences. I think you are too severe upon the aspring of
Popularity, tho I think it wants mending which I fear nothing will do
effectually, but the self denying ordinance.

Since my return here, I have again pushed Doctor Bond for the method of
granulating Sugar, he has promised faithfully to procure it & I
shall take care to remind him of his promise. He mentions a person in
N. England who made sugar from the tops of the corn stalk, which
yeilded him more profit, than all the rest of the corn.

We are threatened to be again driven from this City. It is very
troublesome, & I think so disgracefull that I cou’d find in my
heart to cut the figure in history, which you some time agoe mentioned,
if we cou’d find the body of men; but strange to tell that is now our
only want, tho in the long enumeration of wants which we have been used
to make, that never entered into the catalogue. Mr. Howe is but in a
poor condition, & yet he bullies us, however as there is little
prospect of his being soon reinforced, I hope e’er long he will be
obliged to look to his own safety, Proper regulations in the different
departments are making, that if we ever get an Army, we shall keep it.
Our accounts from London say the plan of operations for this campaign
is for Howe to demolish the Eastern states, Burgoyne with 10,000 men is
to conquer all that borders on Chesapeak while Carlton from Canada
subjugates the <middle states> 2 but
most of the troops to effect all <this are to> be procured & no
man in Europe can tell from whence. Not from Russia, the Turk is likely
to give her employment. God send, they may soon all get together by the
ears, & then we shall be at rest.

Our best compts. to Mr. Carter,
his Lady & family. Health & happiness attend you my good

Francis Lightfoot Lee


Receiver’s copy, Virginia Historical Society.

1 Benjamin Towne subsequently refused to print Carter’s article because of
its length. See Lee to Carter, 8 June 1777.

2 This intelligence was included in the 6 February letter of the
commissioners at Paris and Arthur Lee’s 11 February letter to the
Committee of secret Correspondence, which are in Wharton, Diplomatic
2:261 – 65, 266 – 69.