<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0614

Washington and Lee University

The Comme. met. Present, Morris, Lee, Whipple, Lewis. Letters from Danl.
Tillinghast Esqr. of the 15 & 18 March inclosing Invoices, of Goods
purchasd for the use of the Army, & cloathing supplied the fleet
was read. Orderd that he be directed to apply to the Cloathier general
for the amount of the goods purchasd for the use of the Army & that
he charge the cloathg. furnishd to the Marine Come. & transmit the
receits of the Papers to whom they were delivrd. A Lettr from Ths.
Mumford Esqr. dated March 22 was read. Agreed that if the Owners of the
Schooner Polly (wch he advises is arrivd at Plymouth with a Cargo of
Salt) will not agree to receive her at that place, that he be orderd to
load her again on public acct. with a suitable Cargo for Eustachia
addressg. her to his friends there, orderg. them to ballast her with
Salt, ship what powdr. remains with them & dispatch her back for
the first safe port in these States. Mr. Barnabas Deane’s letter of the
24th March was read. Agreed that he be directed to pay Capt. Biglow,
the freight of the dry goods agreable to the list enclosd in his
letter, & 2/ per Bushl. for Salt, wch. if he refuses to take he
will refer him for settlemt. of the whole to this Come.

Come. met. Present, Morris, Lee, Whipple. The Come. have purchasd from Mr.
B. Gibbs of this city Mercht. his Brige. calld the Ann, Garrick master,
as she now lays at Cape Francois, in the island of Hispaniola for the
sum of £1800 cury. he to pay the portage bill, & all charges
to the time She deliverd her cargo there. The Come. have likewise
agreed with sd. Gibbs for a bill wch. he is now to give, on M. Stephen
Ceronio Merchant there for the balance of the nett proceeds of sd.
Briges cargo for wch. he is to be pd. 100 per Cent advance. The Come.
have likewise agreed with Saml. Penrose & Co. of this City for the
purchase of their Sloop, calld the Phebe, as she now lies at Cape
Francois for £1000 this cury., they to pay all charges until the
time She deliverd her cargo there. Also for a Bill wch. sd. Penrose
& Co. are to draw on Mr. Stephen Ceronio for balance of proceeds of
sd. sloops cargo for wch. the Come. are to pay one hund. per Cent. Mr.
Morris producd the follg. Bills drawn upon him as Chairman of the Come.
by J. Weriatt Esqr. Continental Agent in
Georgia1 vizt In favor of Burney &
Dawson dated 14 Decr. last for this curry£1696. 10. 0

In favor of Levi Shiftall 31st Jany      75.

         Do 1 Feby            75

         Do 3 Feby            75

         Do 4 Feby            75


   Pensyla. Cury.      £1996.10

Orderd that Mr. Morris pay sd Bills. Order on the Auditor genl. in favor of
J. Brown in behalf of Mr. Morris, for 5324 dlls to pay sd. bills to be
chargd sd. J. Wereat Esqr. in the Come’s books.


Manuscript, Houghton Library, Harvard University.

1 The following note in the copyist’s hand appears at the foot of the page
and is keyed at this point: “In this manner Mr. Morris might have
paid for all his private purchases out of the public Treasury, wch.
woud not appear ’till the Agents settled their Accts. This Wereatt,
like many others never settled & so the public money is accounted
for A. Lee.” For examples of similar comments pertaining to Robert
Morris’ transactions found in this copy of the committee’s “journal,”
see Secret Committee Minutes of Proceedings, 8 August 1776, note 2,
and 1 May 1777, note.