<br /> Lee Letter: n345

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Richard Henry Lee
Recipient: Samuel Purviance, Jr.

Dear Sir,

It gives me great pleasure to hear of Capt. Nicholsons reconciliation with
the Government, altho it is not yet announced to us in

The Tories I hope will not long have occasion to rejoice. They must either
change their conduct, or abide the consequences shortly. I have not yet
received the letter containing my brothers observations on Tobacco. I
remember generally that observing on the different Tobaccos that suited
different Markets he said that what grew on both sides of Potomac was
the kind most used in France, and he thought it would not be prudent to
send the finer kinds of Tobo. to France, but immediately to the markets
that consumed it. As Holland, the Baltic &c.

Be so kind as inform your brother Robert that I took the liberty to request
Mr. Blair McClanahin of this City would direct to his care in Baltimore
for me a Cask of Spirit from Wilmington, and I beg the favor of him to
have it well taken care of and sent to Potomac for me by the first safe
conveyance. I would prefer its going by a Mr. Crump to any other, but
by no means let it be sent by a John Bayne who sometimes comes to
Baltimore from Potomac, as I have no opinion of that Man. Mr. Crump
comes often from Potomac to Baltimore and is a good Man. If it goes by
Crump, he knows where to land it, if by any other, desire i. may be
landed at Pecatone, the house of George Turberville esqr. on South
Potomac river side, a little above the mouth of Yeocomico, and not far
above Sandy Point.

I am Sir your most obedient servant,

Richard Henry Lee

[P.S.] Capt. Weeks has taken & sent into Port L’Orient a Lisbon Packet
of 16 guns & 105 men with three Ships that she had under Convoy.
The Packet was of equal force with Capt. Weeks & fought 2 hours.
Our Army is approaching the enemies lines, and we may soon expect
important intelligence.


Receiver’s copy, Rowan College of New Jersey.

1 For the details of Nicholson’s conflict with Maryland authorities, see
Marine Committee to James Nicholson, 29 April 1777, note.