<br /> Lee Letter: n360

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Committee for Foreign Affairs
Recipient: Arthur Lee


We have to acknowledge yours of the 18th of March from Victoria in Spain,
and another of May 13th from Paris.1 The
first falls particularly under the Notice of the Committee of Commerce
to whom it has been refered

You could not at the time of writing, have been certified of the arrival of
some interesting despatches from Congress to your Colleagues in France
on the 10th of that Month, which might have occassioned a very
considerable alteration in the Politics of the Court of Versailles,
which would consequently influence those of the Court of Madrid.

The intellegence contained in your last is a most pleasing confirmation of
the hopes which you had given us, of pecuniary aid from Spain. Whatever
tends to establish the value of our paper currency is most highly
important to us. Congress will immediately go into a Consideration of
the several hints for this purpose given by you and Messrs Franklin
& Deane. The unpleasing events in the Nothern Department has so far
engaged the attention of all public bodies, that it has been impossible
for Congress to write upon the Subjects mentioned to them by you early
enough for us to forward their determinations by the present

By our several Letters dispatched in the armed Sloop Independence, from
hence, or by Duplicates and Gazettes sent by Mr McCreary from
Baltimore, you will know by way of Paris, the history of our Military
affairs in a regular detail. We are at this time altogether uncertain
as to Mr Howes destination, his Fleet not having been seen since the
first of this month. Indeed we shall leave you for the most part to get
information of our opperations from the gentlemen at Paris, to whom we
shall have the most direct opportunities of conveyance. We wish you
Success on the Embassy you are now engaged in, and we are pleased that
you are so agreably connected with Mr Sayer, whose attachment to the
cause of Liberty and this Country has been Manifisted. We are with much
regard Sir your Friends & hum. Servts,

Signed –

Benj Harrison
Rob Morris
James Lovell


File copy, Papers of Continental Congress, item 79, U.S. National Archives
and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

1 Arthur Lee’s 18 March and 13 May letters to the committee are in Wharton
Diplomatic Correspondence, 2:292 – 96, 319 – 20.

2 For the actions taken by Congress in response to the commissioners’ advice
that money was available in Europe, see Elbridge Gerry to Unknown,
10 September 1777, note; and Henry Laurens to John Rutledge,
10 September 1777, note 5.